FOR2625 seminars




Jena, date to be announced

 Margaret S. Robinson (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK):
AP-4 and AP-5: the mystery adaptors and their role in autophagy and lysosomal homeostasis
Hosting PIs: Christian Hübner and Mukhran Khundadze


The seminar with Margaret Robinson that was orginally scheduled for March 20th had to be cancelled due to safety measures related to the coronavirus outbreak. The seminar will be shifted to an alternative date, presumably in autumn/winter 2020. Updates will be announced on this website.


University Hospital Jena
Forschungszentrum Lobeda
Building F2 (FUI), seminar room 10
Am Klinikum 1, 07743 Jena





Tübingen, 25. – 27.09.2019
Participation at the GBM/DGZ fall conference on Autophagy


Utrecht, 14.06.2019

Gillian Griffiths (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, UK):
Killer cells of the immune system: secretory lysosomes, cilia and immunodeficiencies

Kiel, 07.02.2019

Monther Abu-Remaileh (Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, USA):
The emerging roles of the lysosome in metabolic homeostasis

Bonn, 09.11.2018

Sharon Tooze (The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK):
Mammalian autophagy and the role of ATG9 in autophagosome formation



Berlin, 14.09.2018

Sergio Grinstein (Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada):
Membrane remodelling during phagolysosome resolution



Franfurt/Main, 21.02.2018

Andrea Ballabio (TIGEM, Pozzuoli/Naples, Italy):
The awesome lysosome