Thomas Braulke


Thomas Braulke

Speaker of the FOR 2625

PI of Research Project 7:
“Lysosomal gene transcription and protein expression”


Prof. Dr. Thomas Braulke

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
IOBM – Cell Biology of Rare Diseases
Martinistr. 52, Bldg. N27
D-20246 Hamburg

phone: +49 40 7410 54493
fax: +49 40 7410 58504
website Braulke Lab






Disease-linked glutarylation impairs function and interactions of mitochondrial proteins and contributes to mitochondrial heterogeneity. Schmiesing J, Storch S, Dörfler AC, Schweizer M, Makrypidi-Fraune G, Thelen M, Sylvester M, Gieselmann V, Meyer-Schwesinger C, Koch-Nolte F, Tidow H, Mühlhausen C, Waheed A, Sly WS, Braulke T (2018) Cell Rep 24:2946-56.

Quantitative proteome analysis of mouse liver lysosomes provides evidence for mannose 6-phosphate-independent targeting mechanisms of acid hydrolases in mucolipidosis II. Markmann S, Krambeck S, Hughes CJ, Mirzaian M, Aerts JM, Saftig P, Schweizer M, Vissers JP, Braulke T*, Damme M* (2017) Mol Cell Proteomics 16:438-50. (*corresponding authors)

Mannose 6-phosphorylation of lysosomal enzymes controls B-cell functions. Otomo T, Schweizer M, Kollmann K, Schumacher V, Muschol N, Tolosa E, Mittrücker HW, Braulke T (2015) J Cell Biol 208:171-80.

Lysine glutarylation is a protein posttranslational modification regulated by SIRT5. Tan M, Peng C, Anderson KA, Chhoy P, Xie Z, Dai L, Park J, Chen Y, Huang H, Zhang Y, Ro J, Wagner GR, Green MF, Madsen AS, Schmiesing J, Peterson BS, Xu G, Ilkayeva OR, Muehlbauer MJ, Braulke T, Mühlhausen C, Backos DS, Olsen CA, McGuire PJ, Pletcher SD, Lombard DB, Hirschey MD, Zhao Y (2014) Cell Metab 19:605-17

Decreased bone formation and increased osteoclastogenesis cause bone loss in mucolipidosis II. Kollmann K, Pestka JM, Schöne E, Schweizer M, Karkmann K, Kühn SC, Catala-Lehnen P, Failla AV, Marshall RP, Krause M, Santer R, Amling M, Braulke T*, Schinke T* (2013) EMBO Mol Med 5:1871-86. (*corresponding authors)

Lysosomal dysfunction causes neurodegeneration in mucolipidosis II ‘knock-in’ mice. Kollmann K, Damme M, Markmann S, Morelle W, Schweizer M, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Röchert AK, Pohl S, Lübke T, Michalski J-C, Käkelä R, Walkley SU, Braulke T (2012) Brain 135:2661-75.

A key enzyme in the biogenesis of lysosomes is a protease that regulates cholesterol metabolism. Marschner K, Kollmann K, Schweizer M, Braulke T*, Pohl S (2011) Science 333:87-90. (*corresponding author)

A novel single chain antibody fragment for detection of mannose 6-phosphate-containing proteins. Application in mucolipidosis type II patients and mice. Müller-Loennies S, Galliciotti G, Kollmann K, Glatzel M, Braulke T (2010) Am J Pathol 177:240-7.

Mucolipidosis II is caused by mutations in GNPTA encoding the alpha/beta GlcNAc-1-phosphotransferase. Tiede S, Storch S, Lübke T, Henrissat B, Bargal R, Raas-Rothschild A, Braulke T (2005) Nat Med 11:1109-12.

Regulation of mannose 6-phosphate/IGFII receptor expression at the cell surface by mannose 6-phosphate, insulin-like growth factors and epidermal growth factor. Braulke T, Tippmer S, Neher E, von Figura K (1989) EMBO J 8:681-6.